The Alphashield Benefits

Alphashield offers numerous benefits to professionals within and without the Cured in Place Piping industry but one of the most important is a reduction in labour time and costs when purchasing the complete solution of liners and resins together.

However, Alphashield’s extremely flexible product range also offers a perfect solution for a far wider range of industries beyond CIPP. The Alphashield range consists of virtually fold free products that are available in a range of diameters and thicknesses and provide a stable wall thickness even with a change of dimensions. We recommend that Alphashield is used in conjunction with one of our easy process, two component epoxy or UV resins.


The unique 100% glass tubular knitted structure comes with a TPU outer foil coating.


Alphashield’s T-Liner range is a main to lateral, glass knitted connection for junction reinforcement


Our fast curing UV resin and our easy to process two-component epoxy resin. Along with our Silicate high anti-static high-temperature resin.


Glass spacer fabric which can be supplied with a range of advanced polymer coatings for patch repair.

Unsure of how much liner and resin you
will require for your next CIPP installation?

We have created a one-of-a-kind resin and liner calculator to help enable
you to get the most out of the Alphashield line of products.