We can offer our fast curing UV resin or easy to process two-component epoxy resin, and/or anti-static high-temperature silicate resin.

Alpha 30 & 60, two-component Epoxy resin is ideal for the renovation or repair of domestic and industrial pipe systems.

Benefits include: Excellent mechanical properties, low shrinkage, with various possibilities of curing such as steam curing, hot water, hot air and ambient.

Due to the unique material composition (liner, coating and adhesives) and the special manufacturing processes, the liner can be cured with all types of CIPP curing method.

2 Part Epoxy Resin

This can be cured in various ways:
Ambient | Hot Air | Hot Water | Steam

AlphaLite UV Resin

UV-curing resins available as following:
Vinyl Ester Resin | Methacrylate Resin

AlphaFlume Resin

2-component indirect polyurea resins type 3P® (hard types with high thermal and chemical resistance)


The unique 100% glass tubular knitted structure comes with a TPU outer foil coating.


Alphashield’s T-Liner range is a main to lateral, glass knitted connection for junction reinforcement


Our fast curing UV resin and our easy to process two-component epoxy resin. Along with our Silicate high anti-static high-temperature resin.


Glass spacer fabric which can be supplied with a range of advanced polymer coatings for patch repair.

Unsure of how much liner and resin you
will require for your next CIPP installation?

We have created a one-of-a-kind resin and liner calculator to help enable
you to get the most out of the Alphashield line of products.