Alphamat is a glass spacer fabric which can be supplied uncoated or coated with a PVC liner.

This product is flat and can come in any width 1.55m as opposed to tubular.  Once this is cured it measures 3mm thick. It is ideal for CIPP patch repair solutions for any shape or size. 

We supply the Alphamat in the following specifications:

DN70mm Pipe: 230mm x 25m  DN100mm: 330mm x 25m  DN125mm: 415mm x 25m  DN150mm: 490mm x 25m  DN200mm: 650mm x 25m  225mm x 25m  DN250mm: 740mm x 25m DN300mm: 1000mm x 25m

These products are supplied as flat sheets, rolled up in 25m length only.

Glass Construction

This inherently stronger structure delivers a more robust product possessing greater strength, higher modulus and lower elongation.

Reduced Wall Thickness

The fact that the Glass is stronger allows for the liners to be thinner, reducing installation time, resin usage and impedance within the relined pipe.

Reduced Resin Usage

Alphashield products can save up to 30% of the resin required for a traditional build, thus, saving cost and time on installations.

Increased Flexibility

The innovative 3D structure allows the product to flex around corners with minimal cramming and adjust in diameter changes of up to 50% in most cases.

Tailored Resins & Coatings

Specialty coatings have been designed, tested and approved in conjunction with a range of specially formulated resins to deliver great results across a range of installation techniques and applications.


The unique 100% glass tubular knitted structure comes with a TPU outer foil coating.


Alphashield’s T-Liner range is a main to lateral, glass knitted connection for junction reinforcement


Our fast curing UV resin and our easy to process two-component epoxy resin. Along with our Silicate high anti-static high-temperature resin.


Glass spacer fabric which can be supplied with a range of advanced polymer coatings for patch repair.

Unsure of how much liner and resin you
will require for your next CIPP installation?

We have created a one-of-a-kind resin and liner calculator to help enable
you to get the most out of the Alphashield line of products.