About Alphashield

Alphashield has been developed by Scott & Fyfe Ltd as a complete, innovative and cost effective solution in invertible seamless glass textile liners for the fast assistance of pipe rehabilitation systems. 

With a glass tubular knitted structure available with a range of advanced polymer outer coatings, the Alphashield range is for use in “no-dig” small diameter house hold and industrial rehabilitation systems for repairing damaged drains and sewers without the need to carry out disruptive excavations.

Scott & Fyfe Ltd are an employee-owned company who earn partners for life by delivering unique material solutions globally. Over 160 years of experience and a strong commitment to be constantly improving every aspect of our business has allowed us to become a pioneering specialist in a wide range of industry level products which provide our worldwide customer base an enjoyment of unparalleled levels of production quality.

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Unsure of how much liner and resin you
will require for your next CIPP installation?

We have created a one-of-a-kind resin and liner calculator to help enable
you to get the most out of the Alphashield line of products.